Finally, a transparent and commission-free Self Managed Super Fund.

Commission Free Investing

Never pay commissions again, period.

If your fund is being charged commissions, this will erode your wealth and retirement fund exponentially. This is why at MySuperMyFuture® (MSMF), we don’t take commissions. Ever. It’s that simple.

That means no share broking fees or commissions, no cash or insurance commissions, no financial product fees or commissions, and most importantly… no fixed percentage advisor fees.

You could say we do things a little ‘differently’ around here. But with the Royal Commission slamming many financial businesses and institutions for decades worth of wrong-doing, maybe that’s a good thing.


Starting Balance of $200,000

Investment Portfolio on a 20 year term at 6% gross return.

Without Fees and Commissions:


After 2.55% in Fees and Commissions:


That’s a loss of:


100% ATO Compliant

Avoid balance-crushing Fines & Penalties.

We are 100% Australian owned, and all of your SMSF Administration is completed here in Australia by qualified accountants. We don’t chance your private information and tax details by going somewhere overseas.

In addition, MSMF is up to 4x cheaper than your average accountant – meaning you continue to save money across the board while feeling confident that your SMSF will always remain 100% ATO Compliant, all the time.


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Who is it for?

Whether you’re investing in Property and Shares, or Bank Bonds and beyond, we’ll help you eliminate all of your platform fees and commissions for good.

You have already opened a Self Managed Super Fund and have a balance of more than $5,000

You want a smarter long-term solution so that you can grow your bank balance and work your way into a more comfortable retirement

You want to maximise your returns, not give them away on wasteful platforms fees or advisers that provide no value

Are you ready to take control of your future?

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